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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrator's Companion

Bill English, Brian Alderman, Mark Ferraz

A guide to SharePoint 2010 administration covers such topics as architecture, deployment scenarios, design, security, Web content management, and business intelligence.

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Pro SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Solutions

Sahil Malik, Srini Sistla, Steve Wright

What differentiates good organizations from bad? The good ones are those that take advantage of the data they already have and use the feedback that business intelligence gives them to improve their processes. SharePoint is now the delivery platform of choice for Microsoft’s business intelligence products, and in this book we reveal how to get the most from developing business intelligence solutions on SharePoint 2010. To understand the various business intelligence offerings in SharePoint 2010, you need to understand the core SQL Server business intelligence concepts, and the first part of the book presents a comprehensive tutorial on those fundamentals. Pro SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Solutions then focuses on specific SharePoint business intelligence investments including: Visio Services Excel Services SQL Server Reporting Services Business Connectivity Services PerformancePoint Services All of this is done using a practical, hands-on format, with enough examples to empower you to use these products in your real-life projects. As compelling as SharePoint and SQL Server business intelligence are together, the challenge always has been finding people who understand both SharePoint and SQL Server well enough to deliver such business intelligence solutions. With this book in hand, you become part of that select group. What you’ll learn Understand the fundamentals and framework of business intelligence. Learn how to integrate Visio Services, and discover the developer story. Practice working with the Secure Store Service. Experience authoring and publishing reports using Report Builder and how to re-purpose published reports in Reporting Services. Glean practical advice about deploying and developing for PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint 2010. Learn about the advances in Excel Services and PowerPivot, and their application within SharePoint to practical situations. Gain a deep understanding of the Business Data Services featureset in SharePoint 2010. Who this book is for This book offers SharePoint developers an essential BI foundation experience and an introduction to SQL Server 2008 tools for business intelligence. This book will also benefit SQL Server developers and administrators who require knowledge of setting up the basic infrastructure on the SharePoint platform for business intelligence. Table of Contents Business Intelligence Basics Visio Services Reporting Services Business Connectivity Services Excel Services PerformancePoint Services

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Unleashed

Michael Noel, Colin Spence

A thorough revision of the bestselling book on SharePoint, Microsoft's increasingly popular set of collaboration technologies * *SharePoint makes it easier for people to collaborate online, and is poised to explode in usage with the 2010 version. *Contains all the information an administrator needs to know to set up and manage SharePoint. *Fully updated for all the new features of SharePoint 2010, and tested against the final release code. *Previous editions have been bestsellers. Companies have been talking about knowledge management and leveraging their IT investments to enhance team collaboration for years, but have had difficulty implementing effective solutions that tie together the wide range of information employees need to access. SharePoint 2007 made great inroads into filling these needs, and was a billion dollar product for Microsoft. SharePoint 2010 will make even greater strides in enabling organizations to create a practical framework to bring together information from such diverse systems as Office, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Windows Server, and other Microsoft servers. Previous editions of this book have been bestsellers. This book will provide comprehensive, practical coverage for administrators, on topics including planning; implementation; migration; administration; working with tools for endusers, administrators, and managers; and extensions for workflows, business processes, and business intelligence. New features covered in this edition include: PowerShell; virtualization technologies; new security and authentication technologies; business intelligence tools; social networking tools and features; enhancements in the user experience, including the ribbon interface; new lists and libraries; and metadata enhancements.

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SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence 24-Hour Trainer

Adam Jorgensen, Mark Stacey, Devin Knight, Patrick LeBlanc, Brad Schacht

Learn to build and deliver SharePoint BI applications Written by a team of leading SharePoint and Business Intelligence (BI) experts, this unique book-and-DVD package shows you how to successfully build and deliver BI applications using SharePoint 2010. Assuming no previous SharePoint experience, the authors deliver a clear explanation of what SharePoint will do for your BI and information management capabilities. Each lesson in the book is reinforced with a helpful tutorial on the DVD and cover topics such as interactive reporting with Excel, document sharing for collaborative reporting, and controlling data sources. As you learn best practices for configuring and securing SharePoint 2010 BI applications and planning and implementing your SharePoint BI project plan, you'll be well on your way to gaining a solid foundation of understanding and working with SharePoint 2010 and BI. Provides an invaluable training book-and-DVD package that takes you through building and delivering BI applications using SharePoint 2010 Features an accompanying video tutorial for each lesson covered in the book, along with a "Try It" section at the end of each lesson Covers interactive reporting with excel Covers Power Pivot advanced analytics Details report and document sharing for collaborative reporting Shows how to use SharePoint lists and libraries for data sources repositories in your BI projects Explains how to control data sources, reports and business intelligence content with permissions and workflow approvals. With this unique book-and-DVD combo, you'll be well on your way to successfully building and delivering BI applications using SharePoint 2010. Note: As part of the print version of this title, video lessons are included on DVD. For e-book versions, video lessons can be accessed at wrox.com using a link provided in the interior of the e-book.

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