OpenGL 4.0 Shading Language Cookbook

David Wolff

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Over 60 highly focused, practical recipes to maximize your OpenGL Shading language use.

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I know there are some question about learning OpenGL. Here is what I know:

  • math for 3D
  • 3D theory

Here is what I want to know: - OpenGL 4.0 Core profile (or latter) - Shader Language 400 (or latter) - every part of above (if it do not work across vendors then it still do not bother me)

Here is what I DO NOT want to know - fixed function pipeline (will not use it ever!) - older OpenGL's - Compatibility profile

I prefer bigger portion of info like tutorials, series of articles, books.

PS If you know resources on opengl 3.x core profile, post them too

Have not read it, but OpenGL 4.0 Shading Language Cookbook

The 5th edition of OpenGL SuperBible has been recently released. This edition reflects OpenGL 3.3 which was released at the same time as OpenGL 4.0, the book only covers the core profile and assumes no prior OpenGL knowledge.

That's what I got from the book's description anyway. I have the 4th edition and it's an excellent resource for OpenGL 2.0, so I assume the new edition along with the latest OpenGL Shading Language book would be just what you're looking for.

Durian Software has an ongoing series of tutorials covering modern OpenGL. They are aimed at OpenGL 2.0 but avoid using any deprecated functionality in later versions.