Re-Engineering RPG Legacy Applications

Paul Tuohy

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Re-engineering AS/400 Legacy Applications and companion CD ROM provide a tutorial aimed at showing you how to modernize your applications by taking you step by step through the re-engineering of a sample application. Author Paul Tuohy covers conversion of RPG IV programs, as well as re-engineering them to take full advantage of RPG IV and ILE. He also covers triggers, referential integrity, and APIs so that your applications can take advantage of all the new technology that is available today. This book will be a valuable aid as you evaluate your legacy applications and then move into re- engineering.

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Implementing agile in projects requires the ability to do refactoring. It is not really a must, but code refactoring has proven to be a good engineering practice.

In an agile (Scrum) project on the iSeries platform, which requires development (new code and modifications to legacy code) in RPG, RPG LE, is it possible to implement refactoring? If so what are the techniques to do it?

If someone who has tried it could share their experience or just point to references, I would greatly appreciate it.

There is also this book:

Although largely from an OO perspective, it also provides a process that can be applied to any language.