Excel 2003 Bible

John Walkenbach

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The most comprehensive guidebook available on the most popular spreadsheet program, fully updated to include all-new "X" features Written by the leading Excel guru known as "Mr. Spreadsheet," John Walkenbach, who has written more than thirty books and 300 articles on related topics and maintains the popular Spreadsheet Page at www.j-walk.com/ss The definitive reference book for beginning to advanced users, featuring expert advice and hundreds of examples, tips, techniques, shortcuts, work-arounds, and more Covers expanded use of XML and Web services to facilitate data reporting, analysis, importing, and exporting information Explores Excel programming for those who want advanced information CD-ROM includes all templates and worksheets used in the book, as well as sample chapters from all Wiley Office "X" related Bibles and useful third party software, including John Walkenbach's Power Utility Pak Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

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Hey does anyone know of a great book/CD-ROM, etc for learn some novice to advanced Visual Basic study. I think I have about graduated the beginner stage. The main thing I need to do with Visual Basic is use it in conjunction with Office applications (2003 to be precise). Mostly MS Access, Excel and PowerPoint. But I want to learn more, I just need relative study material for which I can put into practice, so that leaves me with the need to work on and access database, use powerpoint for presentations, and excel too.

I get onto sites on went over VB tutorials, but they are mostly for beginners explaining objects/properties and such. And I also look at Borders and Amazon for books but then it's just a guessing game because there are so many to choose from...

any advice?

The "Bible" books have always provided good information for me regarding VBA (as well as other topics). For example: http://www.amazon.com/Excel-2003-Bible-John-Walkenbach/dp/0764539671 for Excel. There will be a couple of chapters that you won't need (since the books include beginning information as well as intermediate and advanced information), but it's also a good reference if you forget something.