A Discipline for Software Engineering

Watts S. Humphrey

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This book demonstrates how to solve complex scientific problems with software that runs on high-performance computers, principally massively parallel computers (both SIMD and MIMD), as well as vector, superscalar, and superpipelined computers. Using case studies from a variety of problem domains-each one written by an expert-the book shows how to develop appropriate algorithms and evaluate resulting implementations in order to transform abstract problems into concrete solutions that execute rapidly and efficiently on these computers.

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Hi guys wanto to try PSP personal software process. I have no tutor and i'm in mess with compiling forms.

for example, in Project Summary, for phases of process what's “To Date” is the total actual to-date values for all products developed. ?

there are online some resources for linux or some completed examples?

i've downloaded psp-dashboard but i think their authors should study somethin like .. human-machine-interaction because it's really an-usable.

The best method of learning the Personal Software Process is to purchase the two books by Watts S. Humphrey: PSP: A Self-Improvement Process for Software Engineers and A Discipline for Software Engineering. These two books walk you through PSP0 through PSP3, teaching you about the forms. There are also sections about making modifications to the PSP to tailor it to your specific needs. If you are looking for online references, the best source is probably the Software Engineering Institute's Personal Software Process/Team Software Process website, and more specifically the Personal Software Process Body of Knowledge.

To answer your specific question, the "to date" values are the sum of the "actual" value for the current project and the value from "to date" for that step from your most recently developed program. The first time you use the PSP, "actual" and "to date" will be the same, unless you were tracking this metric under your old process as well. After this, the "to date" will increase as you spend more time on each step on every project. It's simply a cumulative counter of time spent on a given activity across all projects.

The Personal Software Process (PSP) is a self-improvement process. It is a framework, complete with forms, guidelines, and procedures, that guide an individual software engineer toward improvements in work quality. The PSP can be used to manage work, assess talents, build skills, improve planning, improve performance tracking, and measure quality.