Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming

Daniel Sánchez-Crespo Dalmau

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Furnishes a valuable compilation of core techniques and algorithms used to code computer and video games, coverin such topics as code design, data structures, design patters, AI, scripting engines, network programming, 2D programming, 3D pipelines, and texture mapping and furnishing code samples in C++ and Open GL and DirectX APIs. Original. (Advanced)

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I already program in C#, Java and C++ and would like to know if you know good books (wether about OpenGL or DirectX and with any of these languages) that cover video game development and that include a discussion about shaders, special effects, sound and collision detection. I know this may seem a lot, but I searched on Amazon and O'Reilly and didn't find a book that covers all these subjects. I don't know if you have seen a book like this.

A broad (not in depth) book that touches those topics among many others is Core Techniques and Algorithms in Game Programming. I highly recommend it.

[...] this book is exactly what I was looking for. After reading it (and re-reading some passages) the difference with other books on games is appalling: this is a course on games programming, a tool for those who want a formal, well laid-out introduction, that covers all the main topics and leaves few questions unanswered.

I have heard from others that "Essential Mathematics for Games and Interactive Applications" is a good start to building your foundation and (re)familiarizing yourself with the math aspects.

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